Contributors Guidelines

Instructions for blog writers
Welcome. Thank you very much for your interest to write for The News Despatch. But, there are some guidelines for your blog post.
• Generally, the blog must be between 800 and 1000 words.
• Blog story should be written in first person. The difference between a Blog and columns is that columns are written under an informal mood. Nevertheless, opinion or argument is necessary in blog posts, and in the wider context of the story should be presented.
• Blogs should avaoid provocative religious discussion.
• Blog should be on current affairs, social issues, political events and developments, and domestic and foreign issues. The blog can be written on a historical event, but it must be a strong connection.
• The writer can clearly tell us that when their blog should be published. It is our endeavor that we have more people to inform them whether or not I will be published.
 • All blogs should contain the following information such as name, hobbies, education, etc. Also, a photo ID (if any) should be sent. If you wish your e-mail address and and personal website address be published you can can send it with the blog.