Japan still ready to fund Karachi Circular Railway

ISLAMABAD: Japanese government is ready to provide support and funds for revival of the Karachi Circular Railway project as it is still positive about the scheme, Japan’s Economic and Development Counsellor in Pakistan Takashi Harada said.

“It is a mega project of a mega city; we are discussing relocation of people with the government of Sindh,” he said while talking to APP on Tuesday. “We need support and facilitation from the departments concerned for executing this project.”

The building of Karachi Circular Railway is expected to mitigate sufferings of millions of commuters in the port city, which has a huge demand for urban transport.

However, encroachments by land mafia along the project route are considered a major hurdle to the revival of the project. Now, the Ministry of Railways has allocated 250 acres of land to shift all encroachments and relocate the displaced people.

According to the project plan, the circular railway has a total route length of 43.24 km, of which 15.68 km is on ground, 23.86 km is elevated and 2.28 km is in tunnels with a 1.42km bridge in between. It would have 24 stations and electric-powered trains will ply between them.

Karachi Urban Transport Corporation will run the project as a public-private partnership with technical assistance from the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Karachi has seven industrial zones that are playing an important role in powering the national economy. The project will provide new job opportunities in the city and as a result standard of living of people will rise.


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