Here’s how much Google paid the man who bought for one minute

For one single minute in September 2015, an ex-Google employee became the owner of ‘’

Former Google employee, Sanmay Ved, bought the domain right out of Google’s own domain-buying platform for just $12 before Google realised its mistake and stopped the transaction.

Although, the search engine giant was quick to cancel the order and regain control of the most-trafficked site on the web, it offered Ved a $6,000.13 reward. The numbers spell out Google for uncovering the security flaw, according to a blog post.

However, when Ved said he intended to donate the reward to charity, Google doubled the amount to $12,000.

Ved isn’t the only person to get paid for discovering a flaw in Google’s services. Google gave researchers $2 million for finding vulnerabilities across the company’s platforms in 2015.

In September last year, the Boston-based online retail expert had been surfing the internet looking for available Google domains when to his astonishment, he found that was available to be purchased. Ved immediately decided to buy the most visited site in the world. Although he figured his efforts would be stopped immediately, he went ahead and the domain was added to his cart. Ved was only charged $12 for it.

This article originally appeared on TIME.


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