Al-Nimr’s execution Saudi Arabia’s biggest mistake, says Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

ROME (Staff Report): Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who is currently in Italy as part of his first official trip to Europe, Wednesday criticised Saudi Arabia for executing renowned shia scholar Shaikh al-Nimr, calling it biggest mistake of Riyadh.

Al-Nimr, a Saudi national, was executed for terror-related charges along with dozens others, who were members of al-Qaeda, earlier this month.

Addressing a press conference in Rome, Rouhani also mentioned Tehran’s improving ties with Washington. He said that the gap between two countries was result of efforts of jewish businessmen and pro-Israel lobby present in United States.

He further added that United States has badly failed in stopping the Israeli atrocities, further strengthening a point of view that said Tehran was not ready to change its mind towards Israel despite a nuclear deal with west.

On the occasion he also hailed Italy for wonderful hospitality during his stay in Rome.

Rouhani is expected to reach France on official trip now. He will meet French President Francois Hollande and top French businessmen during the visit.


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