New initiative: Islamabad Traffic Police to start issuing e-tickets

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) is going to launch an e-ticketing system next month to collect spot fines from violators. 

The traffic police will start the project with the help of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and a private cellular services company, which will provide cell phones to constables working in different zones of Islamabad.

Under the new project, which will be introduced in the first phase in Zone-IV — the Red Zone, Constitutional Avenue, Aabpara, Melody and adjoining areas — traffic wardens will send messages regarding the fines to the violator’s cell phone. The messages will be logged in the warden’s phone, and in NBP and ITP’s respective databases.

Once a fine is issued, the violator will surrender his or her licence to the police official, pay the fine via the e-payment service or in person at an outlet, and then collect their license from the same police official on the spot.

Traffic SSP Malik Matloob Ahmed, who proposed the change, told The Express Tribune that the basic objective of the project is to facilitate people through spot fines instead of having to go to a bank or a zonal traffic office.

Ahmed said that under the project, smart phones and other equipment will be provided to 350 traffic wardens deputed in different parts of the city.  He said that traffic officials have already been trained to issuing e-tickets.

At present, violators have to deposit fines at any NBP branch, or the relevant zonal traffic office.

When asked whether the project will be successful, given the technological complications, Ahmed said violators can to go to their nearest market to pay the fines as e-payment services are available in almost every commercial area.

“If a person from Bhara Kahu is issued a fine near Aabpara Market, instead of going to his respective zonal office or to an NBP branch, he or she can go to any nearby market and deposit the fine to get the licence back from the police official,” the police officer explained.

Residents of the capital, meanwhile, have appreciated the initiative saying the facility will not only help them save their time but also help them avoid queuing up at banks.

“It is an excellent initiative. Collecting fines on the spot helps the public save their time,” said Fahad Najeeb, a resident of Sector I-8/3. Muhammad Arif, a government servant, said it was a transition towards the latest technology, which is a good sign. “Before introducing the project, the ITP should launch an awareness programme among the masses to make them aware of the initiative,” he suggested


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