Woman poses as Muslim on Tinder for social experiment, gets profile blocked

A YouTube comedian created two near-identical profiles on Tinder – a Christian and a Muslim one – as a social experiment ‘Muslim versus Christian on Tinder’ to see users’ reactions to each profile.

For the Muslim profile, Canadian comedian Davison donned a hijab (headscarf) whereas in the other one her head remains uncovered. She gave both profiles identical bios, naming them both Sara aged 27-years-old.

Davison, who runs a YouTube channel for ‘sexperiments’ called LOLPervs, opened up the preferences to men ages 18 to 40 and began attempting to make matches. Interestingly, she did not mention her faith specifically in either of her profiles, letting people assume that her use of the floral headscarf would get the message across.

Christian Sara’ boasted a success rate of 63.8 per cent, or 300 matches out of 480 attempts.

However, the ‘Muslim Sara’ got more ‘Superlikes’ – a feature that allows users to see that another user likes them before swiping either way – than ‘Christian Sara’.

Davison’s experiment “fell apart” at this point when she found that her ‘Muslim Sara’ account had been ‘blocked’ on Tinder because too many people had reported the profile.

The comedian then emailed Tinder to try and get her profile reactivated, even suggesting that it was because of her ‘faith’ that the account was ‘under review’ in the first place.

“Can you please remove the block. I am worried it is because of my faith,” she wrote in an email to the app’s administrators, pointing out that she was a real person, including a link to a Facebook profile set up to go along with the account.


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