Disorderly behaviour: ‘Drunk’ students merrily march behind bars

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Police have booked four persons for public drunkenness and disorderly behaviour.


According to the police, Shahruk Ansar, Ali Shahid, Syed Salman and Abdullah Kaleem entered the National Press Club (NPC) on Friday night and caused tensions by verbally abusing and harassing people. NPC members called the police, which took them into custody after noticing that they were drunk.

Investigation Officer Nadeem Tahir said that the Koshar police received a call from NPC about the presence of four drunken men.

According to the IO, police officials immediately responded to the call and got hold of the four, who were drunk and out of their senses.

Later, the police took them to Polyclinic for a blood alcohol test, which confirmed that they were drunk. On the basis of the test, the police registered a case against them.

Kohsar SHO Sajad Bokhari confirmed that the men had been booked. He said the initial investigation suggests that the suspects were students of Army Medical College and had been drinking at a friends’ house nearby. Further investigation is under way, he said.


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