This tiny gadget promises to replace your washing machine


BERLIN (Web Desk): It only looks like a little bar of beauty soap, but ‘Dolfi’ is a high-tech gadget that uses ultrasonic technology to convert a bucket or a sink anywhere in the world into a dirt-busting washing machine.

Makers of this portable washing device claim to make washing machines obsolete soon.

To use Dolfi, all you’ve got to do is fill a sink with water, add dirty clothes and detergent, and drop the device in as well. Switch it on and stand back as it emits powerful ultrasonic waves that travel through water, creating high pressure bubbles.

Dolfi is the brainchild of German entrepreneur Lena Solis, who got the idea for the device after she found it difficult to get her clothes washed during a trip away from home. “The idea of Dolfi came after a few terrible experiences with laundry during my extensive travel,” she writes on the product’s official site.

“Inspired by amazing benefits of ultrasound, successfully utilised for many years in many industrial and medical applications, we’re excited to bring the advantages of ultrasonic precise cleaning to everyday personal use. I believe that ultrasonic technology will change the way we wash.”

She further claim that the Dolfi is gentler on clothes and less likely to damage fabrics when compared with washing machines.


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