10 foods you should never refrigerate

coffee beans

We all run to our fridge when we need to store perishable food items. But did you know that most foods we store in the fridge stale faster?

Yep, that bread is better off on the counter.



Moisture from the fridge will turn onions soft and modly. Store in a cool, dry place instead.

Coffee beans/grounds:


Leaving them in the fridge will make them lose their flavor. Instead store them in a cool, dry place.coffee beans

Olive oil:

olive oil

Storing olive oil in the fridge will make it condense and turn into a harder, butter-like consistency.


It wilts faster in the refrigerator and absorbs smells of the different foods in the fridge. It’s better to keep basil sitting out in a fresh cup of water.




Honey will stay good practically forever if you keep it tightly sealed. No need to keep it in the fridge.



In the fridge it gets rubbery and moldy, so it’s best to keep it in a cool, dry place.



The fridge will dry out bread quickly. It’s better to keep it in the freezer or on the counter instead.


Trying to ripen your avocados? Definitely don’t put them in the fridge.


potatoes-916298jpg-07201ed3bcb7896cKeeping potatoes in the fridge will make them sweet and gritty. Instead, store them in a paper bag.


Tomato-Seeds1Refrigeration changes their texture and aids in losing all their flavour. What’s worse? The cold air stops the ripening process — which gives tomatoes their flavour. Keep tomatoes out in a bowl or basket on the counter.



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