World’s most obese man dies at 38

fatest man obesity.jpg

The world’s most obese man died on Christmas day after he suffered from a heart attack while he was en route to the hospital.

Andrés Moreno Sepúlveda, 38, weighed a staggering 980lbs at his heaviest when he gained international recognition and was named the world’s heaviest man.

Moreno died in Ciudad Obregón, his home city in the southern Mexican state of Sonora, after suffering from a heart attack at 8.30am while on his way to the San Jose Hospital.

Moreno underwent a difficult weight loss surgery in October and was doing well, having lost weight and regaining the ability to wash himself and wear trainers says Carmen Palacios, Moreno’s publicist.

“He was really happy,” she said.

Moreno was always big and weighed 13lbs at birth. By the age of 10 he weighed 19 stone but was determined to lose weight this year.

Last month Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid footballer, sent him a signed shirt in an attempt to encourage him in his mission to lose weight.

“I want to thank everyone, especially Ronaldo, for taking interest in my case,” he said.

“Sometimes you think that people live in another world away from people, but that is not the case. I feel as if I have got a Christmas gift before Christmas,” he added.

Moreno had started walking again with support from another person by leaning on them. He will be buried in Sonora today (Saturday).

Mexico is struggling to manage its increasingly obese population. In 2013 the country beat the US to become the most obese nation in the world.

This article originally appeared on The Telegraph


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