Uplift packages cannot ‘buy’ loyalty of masses: Imran Khan

LODHRAN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Monday told the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) that the people of Lodhran could not  be ‘bought’ with development packages, asking people to resist such moves with their votes.

“I am afraid if Jahangir Tareen emerges successful in Lodhran, Nawaz Sharif will withdraw the uplift package announced for the people of the constituency,” Imran said, while addressing a rally organised in the buildup to by-polls in NA-154 on December 23.

An election tribunal annulled the results of the 2013 general election in NA-154 in August, disqualifying PML-N’s Siddique Baloch for possessing fake academic credentials.

Under the multi-billion Kissan Relief Package, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif last month had unveiled a Rs2.5 billion development package for Lodhran district.

“We would run a campaign in the assemblies, and might also come on roads if need be to protest against rigging,” said the PTI chief about his oft-quoted stance.

“Rigging is a severe crime wherein the basic rights of people are usurped. I will continue raising the issue until the people responsible for this crime are brought to justice.”

Imran also took the rulers to task over “investing in metro bus and Orange train projects instead of spending on hospitals and education.”

“[about] 2.5 million children would have been going to schools and the poor’s access to basic health facilities had this amount been invested in the right place,” he said.


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