These cars are no longer available in Pakistan — and that’s a pity


Throughout the automotive history of Pakistan, we have lost some major international players. And when they packed their bags and left, we also lost the cars they were offering to us.

Here is a compilation of vehicles offered by some automakers over the years that are not assembled in Pakistan anymore.

I had the idea of compiling a list like this after seeing the new 2016 Kia Sportage.

Sportage, in its initial iteration was also introduced in Pakistan. Then, Kia decided to wrap up its operations in the country, and now, we are left with a bunch of imported cars with no customer support.

The point of the list below is to show that had these car makers remained in Pakistan, we would be seeing new generation models of these lost vehicles on our roads today.

accent hyundaichevorlethyundaihyundai1


Jawad Waqi is a visual communications artist. He uses arts and visual content to tell automotive stories.


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