Mother of Indian woman who died after she was gang-raped says ‘crime has won’

shabana azmi.jpgThe mother of a woman who died after being violently gang-raped on a moving bus in India has said ‘crime has won’ as one of her daughter’s attackers is freed from jail having served just three years.
Jyoti Singh, 23, was attacked by six men on the night of December 16, 2012, in a crime that shocked the world, and later died of her injuries.
The youngest of the attackers will be released from jail on Sunday, following a High Court ruling in Delhi on Friday.

According to India’s juvenile justice laws a minor’s maximum punishment is three years in custody, and because the rapist, who also cannot be named under Indian law due to being under 18, was not 18 yet on the night of the rape, he served only three years in custody.

Of the other five rapists, one died in prison and the other four received death sentences.

Jyoti’s mother mother, Asha Devi Singh, had promised her daughter she would fight for her.
But she said on Friday: ‘Crime has won. We have lost.’
She added that ‘our efforts for three years have failed,’ according to CNN.
By law, rape victims are not ever named publicly in India. But on Wednesday, Singh named her daughter publicly for the first time during a gathering in Delhi.
‘My daughter was Jyoti Singh and I am not ashamed to name her,’ she said.

‘I am not ashamed of taking my daughter’s name. Whoever has suffered should not hide their name. It is the offenders who should be ashamed and hide their name.

‘I want to tell everyone that my daughter’s name was Jyoti Singh. From today, everyone should know her as Jyoti Singh.’

Meanwhile Jyoti’s father, Badrinath, hit out at India’s draconian laws, which bans the identification of her attacker – as it is claimed he has been radicalised by extremists in jail.

‘He is an evident threat to society, to women and my family as well. Nobody knows how he looks,’ he told MailOnline’s sister paper, MailToday.

‘He has shown no sign of improvement. He was on the way to becoming a jihadi. How do we know we are safe?

‘He will soon be living amongst us anonymously. Will he be able to resist the temptation of similar crimes? If there is no law that can jail him, at least make his face public and monitor his movements.’

After the gang-rape, Jyoti, who was studying physiotherapy at the time, was found with her intestines pulled out of her body. She was dubbed ‘Nirbhaya’ – one without fear – as she struggled for survival, first in Delhi and then in a hospital in Singapore. She died of her injuries 13 days later.
Following the violent crime, a bill was introduced in parliament seeking to amend the law to make exceptions to the three-year maximum jail term for minors in the case of heinous crimes. But that bill was tabled in the upper house.
‘The court is no doubt concerned by what has happened and the seriousness of the offense, but the court is also helpless because they have to stay within the confines of the act and the rules and the law,’ said Anil Soni, a government lawyer told CNN.
The attacker’s mother, named only as Kushboo, 40, refuses to believe he was involved.
Shockingly, three years on, Kushboo even thinks 23-year-old Jyoti’s parents should be able to forgive him.

‘I simply do not believe he did anything wrong. My heart cannot accept that he’s a criminal,’ she told The News Dispatch.

‘Even if the entire nation hates my son and fight his release I want him home. I don’t know what he did; I have no idea how brutal it was. But even if he admits all of the charges to me I will still forgive him.
‘He is my child and I love him. Whatever he has done I am here for him.’
The deluded mother is likely to be one of the few people to forgive her son.
Her son, who is now 20, was part of the gang who trapped Jyoti on a bus on December 16, 2012.
She had boarded after she and a male friend returned went to cinema.


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