Lahore would be film capital if it weren’t for partition: Om Puri

om puri

LAHORE: Veteran Indian actor Om Puri has said Lahore could have been a hub of film industry if Pakistan and India were not separated.

“Great Indian actors came to Lahore to act, and legends like Pirthvi Raj Kapoor also benefited from the ancient city’s film industry,” Puri said, while speaking at a ceremony on his to Pakistan on Thursday.

The Bollywood actor said he was always elated to see the cultural activities in the historic city, its ancient buildings and cultural diversity.

“I am impressed by the historic buildings and variety of culture in Lahore, and whenever I come here, people give me respect and beautiful memories,” he added.

About the recent acts of intolerance by the Hindu hardliner group Shiv Sena, Puri said he opposed cancellation of Ghulam Ali’s concert in India and acknowledged the latter as a great singer.

“I believe artists work for the promotion of love, and are an asset for all nations.”

Millions of Indians, Puri said, did not like what was happening with Pakistani artists in their country. He also condemned terror activities in Pakistan.

“I oppose terrorism activities in Pakistan and also condemn last year’s attack on Army Public School in Peshawar,” he said.


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