Actor, playwright Kamal Ahmed Rizvi passes away


Kamal Ahmed Rizvi, the man behind one of the most celebrated sitcoms of the country ‘Alif Noon’ breathed his last due to a heart attack after a prolonged illness in Karachi on Thursday, The News Dispatch reported.

The 85-year-old actor was born in Indian state of Bihar in 1930, and served the prolific roles of actor, playwright, writer, director and editor.

Rizvi reached the climax of his popularity during the airing of sitcom Alif Noon wherein he played the character of ‘Allan’.

He remained the editor of popular digests, such as Tehzeeb, Aina and Shama for years and also remained attached with BBC Urdu for some time.

But Rizvi was visibly distressed during an interview in June this year as he termed society’s collective insensibility towards performing arts and literature heartbreaking.

“Our society is in dire straits. Who has time for the arts in this day and age?” questioned the actor who dedicated over six decades to the field, adding “Our artists have drowned in waters of oblivion.”


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