The secret of Steve Jobs success? Psychologists say being ‘a jerk’ can make people more creative and better at selling their ideas to others

2F2EC35D00000578-0-Jobs_was_called_brilliant_and_creative_but_a_study_finds_being_a-m-5_1449607123587Steve Jobs was known for creating one of the most successful companies in the world – and for cursing at his employees.

However, a new study claims that an arrogant and assertive personality helped make him successful.

The study suggests individuals who are disagreeable or ‘jerks’ are more successful because they are better at getting their ideas heard in a group.

Sam hunter, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Pen State’s College of Liberal Arts and Lily Cushebberry, Assistant Professor of Management and the director of the Leadership & Creativity Research Lab from Stony Brook University, conducted a two part experimental study to understand why those with headstrong personalities are more successful.

In the first part of the study, 200 students took a series of personality tests that measured how disagreeable they were and their ability to come up with original ideas.

Then each participant spent 10 minutes creating a unique marketing campaign for the online campus of their university.

And for another 20 minutes, they broke off into groups of three to work on a joint campaign.

As predicted, disagreeableness had nothing to do with how creative students were while creating their own ideas.

The ideas that were used in the group were from individuals who were pushy about their campaigns.

‘Being a jerk isn’t advantageous for coming up with useful, original ideas, but it does seem to be advantageous for getting your ideas heard, especially in an environment consisting of pushy characters,’ as noted in the Research Digest.



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