Muslim man forced off London tube for using his iPad ‘suspiciously’


A Muslim passenger was reportedly forced off a train in north London on Thursday after a commuter accused him of using his iPad ‘suspiciously’.

Witnesses at the scene narrated that a man was told to leave a Piccadilly Line train because he switched off his iPad when someone looked at it, according to Evening Standard.

“There was a guy who stood up, dressed smartly with a man bag…he was asking someone who looked Arabic to get off the train amongst other things because he felt threatened by him. Apparently he had turned off his iPad as the smartly dressed man had looked at it, this was deemed to be ‘suspicious’ in his eyes,” a passenger called Jonny said.

Several other passengers tried to defend the “shocked” passenger and reportedly termed the accuser racist. However, the man got off the train soon afterwards.

In another such incident, a stretch of motorway near Glasgow was closed on Friday night as there was a rumour of a bomb threat.

Calum McGregor, who had raised the alarm, told STV, “My partner and I became aware of a passenger behaving suspiciously with a device in his lap. I got up under the pretence of looking for the toilet and saw he appeared to be attaching pipe-cleaner wire to a large oblong battery.”

Fellow passenger, Chris Barron, a US-born musician, was shocked to discover that he was the cause of the scare as he had only been re-wicking his e-cigarette at the time.

Scottish police confirmed the incident was a false alarm but said it was raised with “good intent” and urged the public to remain vigilant.

British Transport Police is encouraging victims of hate crime to come forward and report.

This article originally appeared on the Evening Standard.


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