Take a look INSIDE a star: The storms that take place inside stellar bodies as they spin

Steamed sea bass with ginger and spring onion.jpgThis served with steamed jasmine rice is my death row meal, and the kind of thing I always want at a celebration. It’s also ridiculously easy. Don’t try making it with fillets: fish always tastes better cooked on the bone, and there’s less time and mess involved in the prepping. Do try to get hold of the seafood soy sauce (as the name implies, it really does go best with fish): try a Chinese supermarket. Serves two.

50g fresh root ginger, peeled and cut into thin julienne strips
3 spring onions, cut into julienne strips
1 900g sea bass, scaled and cleaned
5 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp seafood soy sauce mixed with ½ tsp sugar (or regular soy sauce, at a pinch)
3 tbsp sesame oil
Coriander sprigs, to garnish

Stuff some of the ginger and spring onion inside the fish. On a plate that will fit inside your steamer basket, make a bed of the remaining ginger and onion. Lay the fish on top, and steam on a high heat for 15 minutes (or until the internal temperature of the fish reaches 60C), then transfer the fish and veg to a warmed platter.

Heat the oil in a wok and, when it starts to smoke, pour over the fish: this will crisp up the skin. Sprinkle on the soy sauce mixture and sesame oil, garnish with coriander and serve.


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