Burger King admits to using HORSE MEAT in burgers, whoppers

br-600x337WASHINGTON (Web Desk): Burger King Thursday finally admitted to using HORSE MEAT in their burgers and Whoppers.

Earlier, Burger King has been strongly denying all accusations and has repeatedly given assurances the claims have no basis.

But Thursday, the fast food chain admitted that the tests were incorrect and issued an apology to its customers.

Burger King revealed that the horse meat burgers were producted by processing company called Silvercrest, based in Ireland and part of the ABF Foods Group.

The same company is believed to have supplied equine meat to Tesco, Asda and the Co-op. The company is said to have using banned ingredients for a year.

A statement by Burger King reads as follows: “We have determined that Silvercrest has been using a tiny percentage of beef imported from a supplier has not been approved from Poland, who promised to deliver 100 per cent British and irish beef patties.
They have failed to do so.
This clearly goes against our rules and we have ended our partnership with them.

‘We have proven that this non-approved supplier from Poland is the source of the contamination going on at Silvercrest supplier.”


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