The 10 hottest tech gadgets of 2015


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Yahoo readers perform hundreds of billions of searches a year. And, at the end of every year, our data scientists comb through them all to find out what those readers searched for the most. It’s a fascinating barometer of what people are truly interested in.

It was interesting in finding out which technology products most piqued readers’ interest in 2015. Here is the list of the Top Ten gadgets.


1. Apple iPhone 6
The Apple iPhone 6 topped our list of the most-searched-for tech terms for the second straight year, clocking nearly twice as many searches as the number two contender. Surprised? We think not. Its continued popularity owes much to the newer iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models released last September.
2. Microsoft Windows 10
The first major update to Microsoft’s operating system in three years just edged out the iPhone 7 for number two in our list. Released last July, Windows 10 takes the best elements of the much-maligned Windows 8 and adds the Cortana voice assistant and the ability to run on every Microsoft device, from Windows phones to the Xbox One.
3. iPhone 7
Like unicorns and Ryan Gosling’s acting talent, the iPhone 7 doesn’t actually exist. But that didn’t stop Yahoos from searching for rumors and speculation about the as-yet mythical beast, which will allegedly feature a bigger display, longer battery life, and no home button. Your credulity may vary.
4. Samsung Galaxy S6
The perpetual bridesmaid to Apple’s blushing iPhone bride, Samsung’s Galaxy s6 debuted in April to largely laudatory reviews, thanks to its stylish design, superior screen, and impressive camera. Even then, though, it can’t overtake Apple’s handsets (real or imaginary) in our readers’ hearts.
5. Apple Watch
Apple’s long-awaited smartwatch finally shipped last spring, immediately leapfrogging the other 3,247 smartwatches on the market. The base price of $350 was catnip to the Apple-loving masses, while the luxury Gold Edition appealed to those who could afford drop $17,000 on a more elegant piece of wristware.
6. iPhone 5
What’s an iPhone that’s more than three years old doing on this list? It’s likely there because people were looking to sell theirs so they could upgrade to the iPhone 6s. An unlocked iPhone 5 in flawless condition goes for around $100 on sites like Gazelle and uSell.
7.  iPad Air 2
Proving that you can improve on perfection, the iPad Air 2 is thinner and faster than the original Air, with a better-looking screen and a fingerprint reader. Those factors made last year’s Air the most sought-after tablet among Yahoo’s readers.
8. Xbox One
Microsoft’s premier gaming system didn’t spend 2015 resting on its laurels. It’s now able to run Windows 10, which allows you to stream games from the console to any other Windows 10 machine and play dozens of older Xbox 360 titles
9. PlayStation 4
Sony’s flagship gaming console continues to be massively popular, selling more than 30 million units since its debut in November 2013. A $50 price cut this fall that put it on par with its primary rival, the Xbox One, didn’t hurt its popularity.
10. Amazon Kindle
The venerable eBook reader line got a refresh this summer when Amazon introduced its new Kindle Paperwhite, featuring a higher resolution 300-pixel display and a new font-rendering engine that makes text more readable onscreen.

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