At least 12 people dead and eight injured in mass shooting inside a California learning disability center

2EFFB8EC00000578-3343309-image-a-32_1449086125732.jpgCalifornia (Web Desk): At least 12 people are believed to have been killed and eight others injured in a mass shooting at a center for the developmentally disabled in San Bernardino, California.
San Bernardino police are reportedly scouring the area for up to three white males dressed in military gear and ski masks who are believed to have carried out the morning attacks.
They are not currently in custody and the scene is still being reported as an active shooter situation.

The San Bernardino Fire Department tweeted at around 11am local time that first responders were on the scene in 1300 block of South Waterman Avenue.
The station KABC reported, citing law enforcement sources, the shooting occurred at the Inland Regional Center, a non-profit organization for people with disabilities.
The 44-year-old organization has 670 employees and works with more than 30,000 people in San Bernardino and Riverside to help normalize their lives, according to the center’s Facebook page.
SWAT teams have been called in to clear the scene, according to Los Angeles News reporter Doug Sanders.
MedEvac helicopters were also seen flying into the area to evacuate victims, Sanders tweeted.
CBS News reported that a bomb squad is in the process of trying to neutralize an apparent explosive device left at the scene, according to law enforcement sources.
FBI and ATF agents were also en route to the scene of the shooting.
Shortly before noon, dozens of people were seen existing the building with their hands up. Others were seen being taken away by paramedics on gurneys.
Victims are being transported to Loma Linda Medical University.
Marcos Aquilera told KABC his wife was in the Inland building when a shooter burst in and opened.

‘They locked themselves in her office. They seen bodies on the floor,’ Aguilera said.

A woman who works at the learning center where the shooting took place texted her father, Terry Pettit: ‘Shooting at my work. People shot. Pray for us.’

Pettit told KABC his daughter told him 10 to 20 people were shot.

News of the shooting broke during the White House press briefing. Press Secretary Josh Earnest said he was not aware of the incident when asked by reporters.

The shooting in San Bernardino comes less than a week after a man opened fire at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado, killing a police officer and two civilians.


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