Anti-war campaigners send female Labour MPs horrific photos of dead Syrian children as they prepare to vote on airstrikes against ISIS


Female Labour MPs have been sent pictures of dead children as anti-war protesters try to bully them out of voting for bombing ISIS in Syria tonight.

Stella Creasy, 38, and her colleague Melanie Onn, 36, were forced to see disturbing photographs of corpses and were told by one troll: ‘Remember this image when u vote #dontbombSyria’.

Miss Creasy was today forced to leave the Commons debate on Syria and threatened to call in the police because left-wingers are ‘hassling’ her staff.

She has told trolls to ‘do one’ and refused to take their ‘s**t’ after 500 people including people from churches and mosques marched on her constituency office in Walthamstow and covered it in notes spelling out ‘No’.

The protesters then apparently tried to confront her at home with one supporter claiming it was acceptable because ‘she has no children to upset’. 

David_Cameron_8_3491883kNew Labour MP for Grimsby, Melanie Onn, who is undecided on how to vote, turned on one troll when she was sent a picture of a crying woman surrounded by dead children this morning.

After being warned that voting yes to strikes would cause more deaths, she said: ‘People are dying now, whether we’re involved or not. This does not do your position any favours’.

Miss Creasy was sent a picture of a pile of dead bodies via Facebook.

Labour MPs who want to defy Jeremy Corbyn and back the bombing of ISIS in Syria are being threatened with violence by left-wingers.

Those planning to back the airstrikes have been called ‘warmongerers’ with ‘blood on their hands’ who should be ‘purged’ after Mr Corbyn told people to contact their MPs.

Former leadership candidate Liz Kendall was called ‘Blairite scum’ by one party member who said she and others should suffer a Nazi-style ‘final solution’.

John Mann said individual MPs were facing an ‘appalling’ level of bullying via social media and email, including threats to orchestrate their deselection if they vote in favour of air strikes.

Former minister Diana Johnson published an email which has been sent to Labour MPs, warning them that they will face a vote of no confidence in their constituencies if they support Prime Minister David Cameron’s motion.

The email, purporting to be sent by a party member, warned that this was ‘the least the Labour Party members will do to try to wash the blood from their hands of the innocent civilians which the bombs will surely kill’.

Hull North MP Ms Johnson said she was ‘saddened’ by the message, adding: ‘It is important to remember that Labour MPs have a free vote and are being asked to do what they believe is right on Wednesday.’

Mr Mann highlighted messages sent on Twitter branding one fellow MP ‘a warmongering piece of crap’ and calling for ‘a final solution to purge Blairite scum’ like former leadership candidate Liz Kendall from the party.

Those sending such abuse were ‘not suitable to remain Labour Party members’, he said.

Ms Kendall responded to the abuse on Twitter with the defiant message:

‘You don’t frighten me ‘comrade’.’

Replying to a message apparently sent by a supporter of the left-wing Momentum group urging members to put pressure on MPs, she wrote: ‘I will listen to all views, but in the end I will decide according to my conscience and the evidence – not pressure.’

Jeremy Corbyn has condemned abuse aimed at Labour MPs after facing calls to expel party members who have threatened parliamentarians over the vote on military action.

The Labour leader said abuse should play “no part” in political debate after complaints from a number of Labour MPs about the treatment they had received.

Labour MP John Mann said individual MPs were facing an “appalling” level of bullying via social media and email, including threats to orchestrate their de-selection if they vote in favour of air strikes.

In the Commons, he called on Mr Corbyn to agree that “there is no place whatsoever in the Labour Party” for anybody abusing MPs in favour of air strikes in Syria.

The Labour leader said: “Abuse has no part in responsible, democratic political dialogue. That I believe very strongly and that is the way that I wish to conduct myself and I wish others to conduct themselves in that way.”

But earlier in the Commons, Labour MP John Woodcock had hinted that Mr Corbyn himself had been responsible for threats towards those in favour of military action.

The Barrow and Furness MP said Labour MPs will not be “threatened from doing what we believe is the right thing, whether those threats come from online activists or, indeed, from our own despatch box”.

One of the messages which Bassetlaw MP Mr Mann complained about was sent from an account claiming to belong to a ‘special adviser’ to Mr Corbyn called Wesley Brown, which has previously been exposed as a fake. Other messages are anonymous or issued under false names.

But Mr Mann said that some of those responsible were clearly identifiable, and called on Mr Corbyn to discipline any who were genuine party members.

Mr Mann said: ‘The level of abuse over the last four months is on a totally, totally different scale from anything ever before. It is directly linked to people purporting to support Jeremy.

‘He should remove this intolerant minority. They have no place in a progressive left-wing party. None of them have been disciplined yet, never mind expelled and he should start doing so.’

Mr Mann said he was on the receiving end of abuse despite making clear he will vote against bombing, blaming inaccurate lists of supposed rebels being circulated among opponents of air strikes.

‘It is deliberate bullying,’ he said. ‘I have received tweets and emails, some are random but some seem to be orchestrated by groups both inside and outside the party.

‘Threats of deselection are at the mild end of it. There is every kind of name-calling you can think of.

‘There is no place in the Labour Party for people who are going to abuse others in the run-up to an important debate and vote.’

Mr Corbyn has previously insisted he is not seeking the deselection of MPs critical of his leadership, and used his speech to Labour’s conference in September to call on activists inside and outside the party to ‘cut out the personal attacks, the cyberbullying and especially the misogynistic abuse online’.


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