Snowfall beckons tourists to beautiful Swat


An entertainer is walking at the end of the ski slope in Malam Jabba. — Photo by author

MINGORA: With a number of stunning sites, Swat valley draws tourists in droves in the summer season, when they can enjoy the natural beauty, pleasant weather and serenity offered by the valley.

However, in winter, the valley offers more to lovers of winter sports and snowfall.

Popular among the many sites for snowfall and winter tourism are the Malam Jabba, Miandam and Kalam resorts where heavy snowfall attracts a multitude of tourists.

Malam Jabba is located at a height of about 9,000 feet above sea level. Snowfall begins in the month of November and the area wears a thick white snow blanket during the winter season.

It is the only ski resort in the country open for general public with ski slope of about 800 meters. Proper training camps are also arranged for beginners.

Miandam valley is located in the foothills of Hindu Kush mountains, some 40 Kilometers from the capital city of Swat Mingora. and is another haven for tourists. The valley is easily accessible and is an abode of the nature lovers in both summer and winter seasons.

Surrounded by mountains and dense forests, the valley remains covered with thick layer of snow in the winter season creating a fascinating landscape.


Stunning view of the Swat River in Kalam valley. — Photo by author

Kalam Valley is an awe-inspiring tourist resort, with high peak and snowcapped mountains, majestic lakes, magnificent waterfalls, thick forests and lush green meadows.

Located about 100 kilometers from Mingora, Kalam is considered one of the most beautiful valley in the world. The Ushu and Utror rivers join to form the Swat River in this area.

With over 500 hotels, big and small, the valley is thronged with both local and international tourists.


There are several other scenic spots in the region including Marghuzar valley, Bahrain, Sangar etc which receive heavy snowfall in the winter and remain swarmed with tourists during the season.


Children in Kalam in a jubilant mood after heavy snowfall in their village. — Photo by author


A view of the skiing slope at Malam Jabba. — Photo by author


Tourists throng Malam Jabba to enjoy the snow. — Photo by author


View of Kalam Valley, a famous tourist resort in Pakistan. — Photo by author


A tourist learning how to ski from a local skier at Malam Jabba. — Photo by author



Fazal Khaliq is an author, blogger and journalist. He tweets @fazaljustice


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